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Here's a guide to help you out  

  1. Do you currently have grave marker flags?

    • If the answer is yes then you are one step ahead. Head to step 3.​

    • If the answer is no,

  2. You can also purchase the flags online at a reasonable cost. This will allow you to reuse them year after year. You can find grave marker flags everywhere. Click HERE to get large quantities of flags at a great price from 

  3. Contact your local cemetery and ask if they will allow your group to come and honor veterans at their facility. Do not limit yourself to only one cemetery. You will find that there is a veteran that has been laid to rest in every cemetery.

    • Download the sample letter to request information from the cemetery. Change the words in red to match your information and save/print.

    • Ask them what their requirements are if any.

    • Coordinate a date that works best for you and your local cemetery. Flag placement on graves does not only have to be Memorial Day or Veterans Day. Pick a day that works best. Our veterans can and should be honored anytime.​​ 

    • Ask how many veterans are interred there, so you know how many flags you will need.

    • Always plan on having extra flags, you don't want to come up short.

  4. Fill out the event registration form HERE to update us on your event.

  5. Think about holding a BBQ/event after your visit to your local cemetery. Turn this into an event to get the community to come together.

  6. Talk about your event with everyone. Here are some examples:

    • Put an Ad on your local paper.

    • Contact your local radio station.

    • Contact your local news station. 

    • Post flyers in public places.

    • Contact local youth groups like Girls Scout, Boy Scouts, local church.

    • Tell your friends and family.

    • Post on social media and tag the FFFH page.

  7. Invite your Sons of The American Legion Detachment leadership and/or your American Legion Department leadership to attend your event.

  8. On the day of your event.

    • Be sure to thank everyone for coming out to support our Nation's Heroes.​​​

    • Have someone take lots of pictures so you can share your event with the world. We would love for you to UPLOAD your photos to the FFFH website. You can also post your pictures on your social media and tag FFFH. 

    • On this website, make sure you let us know how many flags you placed. If you placed 1 flag we still want to know. Our goal is to honor 1.5 million veterans and every flag placed counts. TELL US

  9. Talk with your volunteers, ask them if they would like to do it again. Don't forget to let us know.

  10. Feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help make your event as successful ​​as possible. Send us an email at:

Download a PDF version of this page 

PDF guide to get started
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