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Sons of the American Legion National Commander Michael Fox is a patriotic American who spends thousands of hours per year volunteering for our Nation's heroes. He is a loving father of seven children who all love this country and volunteer as well. Michael has spent the last 35 years focusing all of his time on the living veterans, doing everything he can to let them know that they are appreciated.  In April of 2020 he realized that our nations heroes of the past don’t get enough respect for their sacrifices, especially those laid to rest in local cemeteries. Michael joined forces with Preston Sharp and Flying Flags For Heroes was born.


Preston Sharp is an energetic fun loving 15-year-old High School Student who spends his free time honoring veterans. As a 10-year-old boy he started doing extra chores to raise money specifically for honoring veterans in his hometown of Redding, California. Preston started his own nonprofit, Veterans Flags and Flowers and has focused his efforts to honor veterans every day and not just on a holiday. Preston is excited to expand his efforts with Flying Flags For Heroes.

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